When are you releasing the picnic board extras?

From our Trigg release we have received a lot of feedback and requests regarding extra table top room for cheese boards and picnics.
We've taken your ideas on board and have designed two pieces of timber that fit perfectly over the mesh. They can be purchased separately, or as a set. The single piece allows roughly 10 - 15cm of extra hard top, the set will cover the mesh completely - giving you a full hard surface picnic table.

We will have these available on our website as soon as they are ready! And we will share pictures on social media as soon as we have them. ūüĒÜ


Will the new picnic boards fit on my Trigg Release Sandbar?

They will fit, but they will not cover the mesh completely - as the Leighton Release has a slightly bigger hard surface pieces (compartment and wine glass holder). However, if you would like custom sized pieces to cover your Trigg Release's full mesh, please email us and we can order these for you!

How much will my shipping be?

Australia-wide: Free

International: Please email us at info@sandbarco.com.au to discuss shipping options.


Can I gift a Sandbar? Or any of your other products?

Absolutely! Upon checkout, please click the "gift" box and write your message. The Sandbars and all other products come in a customised gift box, wrapped in gorgeous eco-friendly tissue paper. The Sandbars have an instructions card and information card. Your Sandbar of course comes in its matching carry bag and will have new swing tags attached for the lucky receiver. 


I wrote in the wrong shipping details, how can I change these?

If your shipping details are incorrect, please notify us straight away.

Email info@sandbarco.com.au with your name, order number and correct address. 

Please make sure you double check all your details before placing your order as we cannot be held liable should your order have already been dispatched.


How long until I receive my purchase after I have placed my order?

We will post your Sandbar within 48 hours of your order Monday - Friday.

You will be provided with a tracking order once it has been shipped.

Deliveries to Perth generally arrive within 5 days of ordering and other locations within Australia take 1-2 weeks.


What Is the life span of my Sandbar?

We hope forever.

Like any product, the more it is used the quicker it gets worn out. There shouldn't be a reason your Sandbar will break unless you exceed the weight limit (3kg on the mesh) or are rough with it. Please be gentle, it was handcrafted with love and we would hate to see anything happen to your Sandbar.

If, of course, there is any manufacturing issue, please get in contact with us straight away. All of our Terms & Conditions can be found on our website.


What happens if my Sandbar breaks?

Please email us at info@sandbarco.com.au with what has happened and we will always do our best to assist with a replacement part where possible. However, we unfortunately cannot cover breakage of your Sandbar, unless you have notified us with a manufacturing issue within 48 hours of receiving it. 


How do I assemble the Sandbar?

Please watch our assembling and disassembling videos on our "video instructions" tab on our website. 


What happens if I spill food or drinks on my Sandbar? Is it stain-proof?

Our Sandbars have been finished with a 2 pack acrylic (which is quite a standard finish for dining tables). We wouldn't suggest food "prepping" on the Sandbar timber, however, if food or drinks are dropped on it - it will resist staining. 


What are the Sandbar dimensions?

Fully assembled:

Length - 63.5cm

Width - 45.5cm

Height - 19cm

In gift box and postage/mailer box:

Length - 67cm

Width - 23cm

Height - 20cm