About Us

 We are proudly 100% Australian owned and are based in Perth, Western Australia!

Sandbar's creative director, Bec, is a serial-entrepreneur who has a strong love for the beach. The concept of the Sandbar was born in January, 2019 and was in its research and development stage between July, 2019 and July, 2020.

Bec had the idea one morning when she was at South Beach in Perth. After sitting down and placing her coffee next to her on the sand, it fell over. Her gorgeous macrame bag she popped by her side also filled with sand! As the day went on her phone was constantly overheating in the sun, and every-time she went for a swim, she battled finding a "safe" place for her sunnies. 

So, she sat there googling "small beach tables with a compartment" and couldn't find anything that solved all of her problems.. so she invented one herself - and that's where Sandbar began. 

Sandbar launched its website in August 2020, accepting the first orders for the first production of the "Trigg" release of Sandbars. The Trigg Release is named after one of Bec's favourite beaches along the WA coast and all of the releases to come will be named after other incredible Australian beaches. 




Our Sandbars are handmade in North Fremantle, 20km from the Perth CBD. Each table has been handcrafted and assembled one-by-one. 

The mesh-top is 100% organic and sourced from a company in Margaret River, 300km from Perth.

Our gift boxes are printed and cut at a small business located in Melbourne.

We use sustainable customised tissue paper for our gift wrapping, sourced from an Australian company in Victoria.