We turn ONE next month!

It's been awhile since I have written a blog. It's not that I don't want to, I love sharing our stories!! However, there's just so much to share and tell and so little time in the day!! Having said that, I plan to start making the time and writing them more regularly :)

- This is Bec talking (writing) by the way; I am the Owner, Marketing Manager, Accountant, Delivery Driver, Social Media Manager, Website Creator, Packer, *Sometimes Manufacturer*, and Customer Service Manager - AKA it's just me here (this is probably why I don't have the time to write too much).

Anyways, I am here to announce that on the 25th of August, we officially turn ONE! 

I remember last year on the 25th mum and I stood in the kitchen, with a bottle of champagne, at 6pm, as the website went live for customers to officially be able to purchase a Sandbar. We had previously sold 18 in a "pre-pre sale" but on that night we were glued to the back-end of the website to see if anyone would buy one... and we sold ten!!! It was the most exciting night to watch people (who I didn't know) buy my invention that took me years to create!

I am just going to give a little update of what's happening over the next month and then will write about them as they come.

SO we turn one next month, I have organised something small with my closest friends, family, the local businesses, photographers, and models, that have been supporting Sandbar Co since the beginning! Fingers crossed the weather is good - it's going to be a little beach sunset gathering. If it's not, oh well; we will just go get champagne somewhere along the coast to celebrate!

MARKETS! We have our first markets next week. I haven't been to vocal about them on social media, only because it's our first, and I just want to take it slow, and learn from them with what I could do better next time. We also have very limited stock at the moment, so I don't want to let anyone down if they come to them and don't get what they were hoping for. The markets are a "Christmas in July Showcase" which I think is a great idea! The amazing Sue, from Little Shed Tales, has organised these markets at the Claremont Showgrounds (in Perth) - apparently she organises them every year and it's just a little opportunity for all of her customers to see what potential gifts they could purchase for they loved ones for Christmas. 

Anyways, if you have read this far down - thank you! If there's something specific you want me to write about or if you have a question then please get in touch! You can comment on here or send me an email info@sandbarco.com.au - I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Bec xx

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