I am going to miss a lot of people here that have helped me throughout this process (so I'm sorry in advance) but you know exactly who you are, and how much I appreciate you.

I have been so blessed to have had so many wonderful people offer their time, expertise, support, encouragement, and resources for nothing in return and I love you ALL for helping me to get to this point!


A big shoutout to Don, Don is an intelligent and kind engineer from my Gran's retirement village who offered to help with my first prototype. His design is the backbone of the one we are working with today. Don - you're a legend. Gran - thank you for talking about me so much that you ended up finding out Don was interested in helping me.

Dodi & Jarrad. For making me one of my first prototypes for a carton of beer! Jarrad, I know you weren't happy with what you made me, but you honestly were the first stepping stone for what Sandbar has become. Thank you.

My amazing Mum. I know everyone thanks their mum, but this is so genuine. Mum, you have been my rock and the best support system I could ask for. I am sorry for taking over your home with Sandbar boxes, stock, merchandise and everything else. Most of all, thank you for accepting all of my packages for me, nice to know you now know every staff member from Australia Post.

Abeni Dara - 31/12/2019. A complete stranger full of support, kindness and encouragement. You came up to me within one minute of me finding a spot on a beach in Augusta, south of Perth, and raved about my "prototype Don" Sandbar and wanted one right then and there. Since then, you have told so many people about Sandbar and I am just so overwhelmed by the kindness of a complete stranger and the support you have shown me since then. Thank you.

Sunny Gibbs. Sunny is the gorgeous blonde model in almost all of our launching photos. Sunny is one of the most incredible friends you could ever ask for. She is positive, encouraging, supportive and just genuinely amazing. Sunny has been my number one fan (after mum and Andy) throughout this whole process and I am so grateful for you Sun! I couldn't have asked for a better "face" to represent Sandbar!

My amazing boyfriend, Andy. You have been the biggest support. Thank you for listening to my "SANDBAR HAS A NEW FOLLOWER", "Babe, guess what happened with Sandbar today", "Hey babe, do you think this photo works for my Instagram?", "Omg look at this for Sandbar"... and all of the rest of my non-stop stories about Sandbar. You have never once made me feel the tiniest unsupported and I am so grateful for you. I can't wait to celebrate every little Sandbar win with you!

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