Launching a company and brand is hard, really hard. And If I had my way we would have launched for Christmas 2019. The idea of Sandbar was created in January 2019 and it wasn't until June 2019 when I decided to actually commit 100% and get the ball rolling. 

The hardest part was finding my manufacturer (which I have now and he is amazing), then refining the product, so it works, it looks nice, it's safe, and it's cost-effective. I didn't lock in my manufacturer until January 2020, yep - took me 6 months to get to this stage. 

It took 6 months of product and development, refining, sketching, cutting, ordering, and everything in between.

I am writing this in June 2020 and predicting I still have 10-12 weeks before I launch. Let's see how I close I get!

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