Where did the idea of "Sandbar" come from?

I love going to the beach, and for years I’ve brainstormed different ideas and businesses that I could start that had something to do with the beach, however, there hasn’t been one that I’ve been 100% set on, until Sandbar.

In January 2019, I was sitting on my favourite beach in Perth and my coffee cup fell over. My macrame bag filled up with sand, my phone overheated and I had anxiety having to hide my sunnies in my towel every time that I went for a swim.

I googled endlessly for a table that would solve all of my problems. Turns out, the perfect beach table for me - didn't exist.. yet! 

I spoke to my family and friends about it (so secretively) and they all loved the concept. So I committed to the idea and started planning... what is now... Sandbar!

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  • Marisa Costa

    Beautiful design and will make any time to the beach more fun
    Well done

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